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What is the Good Death project about

How was Good Death founded?

Good Death (also known as Good Death Project) started as a social work initiative under Montfort Care. The brainwork started since 2014 and we piloted as a project in April 2016. Our initial work has been focused on promoting early planning for one’s end-of-life care (or what we like to call – Good Death Planning), especially so for adults over the age of 50. These plans include but are not limited to documenting one’s Advance Care Plan, Advance Medical Directive, Lasting Power of Attorney, and Will. This process aims to integrate personal values and beliefs into decisions regarding end-of-life matters. That is, your personal definition of dying well.

What is Good Death about?

While Good Death continues to advocate for early end-of-life planning, having a good death encompasses much more. It is also about abolishing the taboo of death and embracing mortality.

Good Death envisions a death-friendly community that is open to holding conversations about living and dying well. We are creating a network for all death and dying issues by gathering individuals and organisations who believe in this cause. We believe in tapping on the synergies of integrating the medical and community systems, profit and non-profit organisations, and various social enterprises to achieve this vision.

Good Death also provides an array of services, including support for people who are terminally ill and living in the community. You can read more about Our Services below.

Our Services

1. Good Death Education & Planning

We provide Good Death Education for our beneficiaries and the course is focused on positive shifts in one’s death attitude. We also conduct workshops to raise awareness on the importance of having early end-of-life conversations. These targeted workshops cover the processes and documentations involved in Good Death Planning, from signing an Advance Medical Directive to having in place a Lasting Power of Attorney.

For interested participants, we provide individual platforms to assist and facilitate Good Death Planning. We also have trained facilitators to discuss and document Advance Care Plan(s) for you and your family.

2. Community Engagement

We envision a Death-Friendly Community that is sensitised to end-of-life issues and work in collaboration with various stakeholders to engage the community in exploring topics of death and dying. We are building a consistent volunteer base for our regular events and activities. So buzz us if you would like to be part of our Good Death Ambassador Team!

3. Case Management & Counselling

Our team of Good Death Specialists are dedicated to engage and work with persons who are diagnosed with life-threatening illness and/or are terminally ill. We assess the family’s situation and provide targeted interventions to increase quality of care and life. We also have counselling services for individuals and families who are experiencing grief and bereavement issues.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any queries!


Do you think people can live forever?
How do you know if someone is no longer around?
Why do people die?
Wouldn’t it be better if people can live forever?

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