Thank You

Good Death wants to thank the following individuals (and their respective organisations) for contributing their insights and thoughts.

Mark Lin

Good Death Brain

Mark Lin works in Montfort Care and is the brain for the Good Death project. He has been working in the social service sector since 2010 with a passion to serve the elderly population in Singapore. He loves potatoes very much.

Find out more about Montfort Care here.

Bernard Chen


Bernard is presently working as a researcher in the funeral profession.

Bernard’s blog can be found here.

Jason Leow


Jason Leow is the founder of Outsprint, a social impact design consultancy that helps organizations create better public outcomes and social impact through human-centered design.

Jason’s blog can be found here.

Jessica Huang


Jessica enjoys mulling over life (and death) from time to time amidst her silliness. Writing helps her find her truest and most serious self.

Geraldine Tan-Ho


Geraldine is the Executive Director of LifeLAB Institute, an initiative aimed at abolishing the taboo of death and encouraging meaningful dialogue on life and death issues through mindfulness and creative expression.

Her website could be found here.

Kimberley Lim


At 23, life decided to throw her a curve ball and Kimberley was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. Battling a relapse, she hopes that her random (and sometimes incoherent) rants here, and would inspire others to keep living and to keep fighting for what they love.

Keon Chee


Keon is the founder of Legasy Planners Pte Ltd and advises families on their estate and financial planning needs. He worked previously as a resident manager of a licensed trust company, investment analyst and financial adviser.

His website could be found here

Tey Mei Qi

Good Death Human

Mei Qi is a social worker of the Good Death team. She loves Lomography and her profession mirrors that unpredictability (and beauty) of plastic cameras. If social work can be transformed into camera lenses, her favourite lens is that of those who are dying and bereaving.

Goh Yi Zhen

Good Death Princess

Yi Zhen secretly loves glitter shoes and all things glitter. She wonders if heaven would be golden glittery and have popcorn chicken. She communicates best in sign language and enjoys connecting with people.

Faith Png

Good Death Freckles

Fully appreciating the transience of life, Faith strives to live in the moment and be present for the people she serves. Faith dreams in color, shades and tints and visualizes sounds.

Joan Swee & Tang Chow Kheng


We are Certified Grief Recovery Specialists who have walked the painful journey of loss. We help individuals and groups learn to process their grief and pain, to move beyond life losses: bereavement, divorce, job or health loss.

Visit them at their facebook page here