Till the Last Leaf Falls – Part 3

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I believed I have never thanked my parents enough. I know deep down in my heart that just a simple hand written tribute letter to my parents would make them very happy. They will be crossing out their bucket list knowing that they have been “good-enough” parents.

We have taken for granted that they will live forever. We are so caught up with chasing after our own dreams or aspirations and have forgotten that our parents are aging. Are we too selfish with our gratitude or perhaps we thought we could show them our appreciation through our achievements.

Watching Uncle Chia reading his letter to Aunty Jun from afar and their kiss at the end was a heart warming one. It felt like I was witnessing their first kiss when they were in their youth, somewhat like a renewal of love of their marriage in their golden years. I realized that writing and reading a letter touched something deep into the soul; it heals all relationships, no matter how difficult it has been. Then I texted their daughter, Dex, if she’s keen to write a letter to her parents. I couldn’t think of a better way to show our gratitude to Uncle Chia and Aunty Jun for their spontaneity and to let them know that their hard work has not been a waste; their daughter has seen it all ❤

As the year slowly coming to an end, I encourage you guys to take up your pen and write a letter of tribute to your parents. Nothing beats having a tangible demonstration of your love. Also, I’m sure that it’s going to be a cathartic one for you too.

P.S. Scroll down to read Dex’s letter to Uncle Chia + Aunty Jun.



Hi Daddy! Hi Mummy!

First of all, I think it’s really cool you guys are doing your wedding photo-shoot again in your senior years. I don’t even think many couples getting married in their senior years do their wedding photo-shoot, in fear of public scrutiny or getting stared at. But you guys actually took the courage to do your wedding photo-shoot again after almost 38 years of marriage!

38 years of marriage probably wasn’t easy. I noticed, as humans get very used to each other, they tend to take a lot of things for granted. Like expecting their partner to understand something they didn’t explain clearly, or expecting their partner to do things without being asked to. Of course, there were ups and downs, I’ve seen both of you having magical moments together and also having arguments over the silliest things.

Your 38 years of marriage have taught me a lot of things. For example: how to find a partner. It’s not just finding a compatible human, but also to avoid those that just won’t “make the cut”. You guys have taught me how self-love and sacrifice can co-exist. And above it all, communication is always the key.

As you guys continue your marriage into your golden years, I can only hope to see more smiles and less frowns. More compromise and less bickers. Live out your golden years with an impact to the rest. Show the world how love conquers all. Forget all unhappiness and judgement from the past and move forward with each other to be an even stronger couple together. Continue supporting each other physically, mentally, emotionally and so much more.

Thank you for your strong marriage that gave me this family I grew up with. I love you Daddy, Mummy. ❤

De Xin (Dex)

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